Hematology Treatment and Cancer Care

What We Do

  • Infusions- in the comfort of your physicians office with your personal oncologist on staff and nurses you know and that get to know you.
  • Nursing care- a team of nurses that provide you with personalized care and treatment.
  • Plan of Care Reviews- so you know exactly what to expect and you have a goal in mind.
  • Diagnosing

About Hematology

Our hematology doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating blood borne disorders and disorders of the lymphatic system. Our team has over twenty years of experience working alongside specialists of different facets to provide a multi-disciplined approach. Our hematologists are able to diagnose, coordinate, and treat blood-related disorders such as anemia, deep vein thrombosis, sickle cell, and much more. Our hematologists may perform tests such as blood counts, bone marrow biopsies, PET scans, MRA scans, or other tests to help diagnose.

Our team has the ability to aid patients who face cancerous and non-cancerous blood disorders. Our hematology specialists work with our nurses and oncologists to oversee screening tests, medication check, chemotherapy regimens, follow-up care, and much more. As a collective team, we can assure that our treatment options are tailored to you and your loved ones needs due to having a wide range of experienced specialists collaborating with one another.

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