Oncology Treatment and Cancer Care

What We Do

  • Provides cancer treatment and aftercare through the three major areas of oncology: medical, surgical, and radiation.
  • Nursing care- a team of nurses that provide you with personalized care and treatment.
  • Plan of Care Reviews- so you know exactly what to expect and you have a goal in mind.
  • Diagnosing

About Oncology

An oncologist is a specialized type of doctor who diagnoses and treats cancer. Oncologists aid with designing cancer treatment plans, offering supportive care, and coordinating with other treatment specialists to ensure the proper care is being given depending on the stage and type of cancer. Different types of oncologists specialize in different aspects of cancer. At Comprehensive Cancer & Hematology Specialists, we ensure that all specialists are available to allow the optimal and correct combination of treatments to be received for any type of cancer. This combination of specialists makes us one of the best cancer centers in NJ.

Our medical oncologists treat cancer using different target treatments such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, and biological therapies. Medical oncologists will monitor our patient’s side effects and maintain their well-being while undergoing treatments. After treatments are completed, they will be your main point of contact for follow-up appointments.

Our radiation oncologists use high-energy photon tools to locate and target cancer cells. Certain types of cancers respond the best when radiation treatments are highly concentrated and target. Our radiation oncologists specialize in this type of treatment called radiosurgery.

Our surgical oncologists may be one of the first specialists you see after talking with your primary care physician or hematologist in Voorhees, NJ. Surgical oncologists perform biopsies that consist of removing a small section of tissue to check if cancer cells are present in the specific area. If cancer cells are present, our surgical oncologist team will help you prepare for and recover from any procedures you need during your journey.

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